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This web site brought back a vast number of memories. I grew up in Elizabeth from 1956 until we moved to `the country` (Forward Twp.) in 1967. Because much of my childhood was spent walking around Elizabeth for many reasons, the street scenes are especially poignant, and I have a lot of highly specific memories of being in certain spots that are depicted here. My grandfather and grandmother were Mr. and Mrs. John David Cox, and until Granddaddy`s death in 1962, I spent a huge amount of time in the funeral home. Following the sale of the funeral home to Granddaddy`s associate, Walt Bierman, Grandma lived with my Nonna, Marianna Favro, in the little house next to the funeral home until her death in 2002. Our family still owns that house. It has an interesting history, having been partially constructed from pallets that were scavenged from the shipping yard. Nonna was one of the early co-owners of Marraccini`s markets, originating in Clairton. She sold out her interest in the market in perhaps the 1930s. My grandma talked often about working at the Clairton market as a child (she was born in 1908). My brother Greg and I worked at Marraccini`s until we left town, I in 1978 and Greg soon afterward. It was a wonderful place to work, with a great boss (Ray Marraccini), fun and friendly co-workers, and a clientele of sweet older people who lived within walking distance of the store. The PAT bus stop was right by Marraccini`s parking lot and afforded us a way to attend Penguins games when I was in high school in the early 1970s. All in all, I have MANY wonderful, HAPPY memories of Elizabeth. Thank you for posting all these photos.
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