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1) Francis Grimm 
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Friday, July 31, 2009 01:00 PM Permalink

I just wanted to thank you for presenting the tapes of the Steamboat Parade at Elizabeth Pa. in 1934. I was especially thrilled to see the many shots of the Wm. LARIMER JONES. My Dad worked at Howards when she was built, and worked as a steamfitter installing her engines and boilers. Also worked on her sister the TITAN. My uncle Bill Grimm also worked for the Howards, and was dating Ruth Howard at the time of her tragic death. He retired from Jeff Boat after 30 yrs. service. My uncle Walter Grimm was a pilot & captain on the river for some 25/30 years. Was long time captain of the Mv. SOHIOAN, towing oil products for Standard Oil Co. I remember seeing the Jones & the Titan when my Dad took me and my brother there when I was 5yrs. old. I will be 84 yrs. old on July 23 2009.I would also like to add, that my Dad got permission to take me and my brother Richard, on an initial trial trip of the TITAN. We were on the top deck and had gone only a few miles up the river, when she developed an over heated wheel shaft bearing journal, and had to be shut down. We drifted with the current until a Howard work boat came out and towed us back to the yards. This event could probably still be found in some of the old Howard records. I can also remember my dad taking us up in the pilot house of the Howard built towboat, MARK TWAIN. I once had a picture of us, taken on her fantail next to her wheel. If I can ever find it I will post it for all to see. I can still see the beautiful lettering of her name, shaded in gold leaf.
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