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Sunday, August 1, 2010 01:00 PM Permalink

I grew up on Cemetary Hill in the 40`s & 50`s. When everyone had a nickname,(puggy,Reba, Weiser, Archie ball,Gut,Percy, Jap, Homer, etc.) What a great town to grow up in. My friends & I used to pick junk down at the Marine Ways an fish for carp & catfish at the mouth of the creek. My friend Carl Heble built a kaiak and we would put it in at the creek and go out into the river. If we got in the first wave behind the steam boat we could just coast along. Thank You for a great Web site and a trip down memory lane.Hanging out at the `Huddle` and shooting pool at Joe Tomko`s pool hall. Going to Elizabeth High School. Great friendly Policemen like John Jenkins, Ben Ware, Charley SicklesWe learned how to swim by jumping off of the Lock 3 wall, it was either swim or drown. When the steamers came into the locks they would give us food and the guys shoveling coal into the boilers would throw us salt candy.I remember going down to the river to the Steamboat, Showboat.
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