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1) Donald R Havlock 
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Saturday, May 12, 2012 01:00 PM Permalink

Hey Jay, there`s that ring again buddy.I guess that I didn`t tell you in our personel correspondance how huch that I really enjoy your site,man you have a lifetime of work and wonder here. Kinda like a Time Warp. I have been away from the Rivers(Monongahela) for over 53 years, but still miss it. Love hearing those old steam whistles, used to lay in bed at night as a kid, and watch the spotlights, and listen to the whistles as the boats approched lock #5 in Brownsville. Two longs, two shorts approching, Three shorts leaving. When these boats came upriver from Brownsville past Vesta#7 in the daytime, we used to row our rowboats out and catch the first `Whitecap` from the paddlewheel, and let it pull us up river. The deckhands used to come out and holler at us and shake their fists at us cause they thought that we were getting too close, They used to say, `Your Going To Get Sucked Under Boy` but then the ole cook would appear, and usually throw us some nice naval oranges, or peaches. what a treat.Now that I have basically found the trophy `The Greater Pittsburgh` I am just waiting for some futher details to make it official, and I will gladly share the information with everyone. I would like to thank yourself,Bill Reynolds from `The Sons & Daughters of Riverman` in Marietta, Ohio, and Russ Morehouse for all of your help and guidance in finding this trophy. Couldn`t have done it without your help, thanks guy`s. Hoping you will keep the site, and continue to upgrade it, as I plan on visiting it more often, It`s just a great place to visit,I can only imagine the countless hours of your life that you have invested. Keep up the good work, and If I get back to Pennsylvania this year like I plan to, I will surely look you up and compare some notes with you. Thanks again, Don
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