Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 1903

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March 4, 1903 to June 10, 1903


March 4, 1903 on cylinder timbers for Steamer Monterey

March 5, 1903 worked a Jack staff for Steamer Fred Wilson

Week of March 14, 1903 working on new cylinder timbers and Wheel braceing set for Steamer Monterey     Saturday afternoon worked out gang plank for Steamer Ray Horner.

Week ending March 21, 1903 - 2 days on Raymond Horner yawls. 1/2 day on Steamer Edgar Cherry getting out new stern & timbers

week ending March 28, 1903 finished on Edgar Cherry   worked out some side fenders -  2 days on new arms for Mud Scraper

First Monday in May doing Jury duty  criminal court   Friday and Saturday worked on Breast Hook on Steamer Sam Brown

Week ending April 4, 1903 worked on Steamer Edgar Cherry new sink in Kitchen, finished some stock fenders, worked gang plank for Steamer Rose Hite and went on Steamer Sam Brown taking off old guards.

week ending April 11, 1903 made Transome templet on Steamer Sam Brown after body cants, stern posts and etc.   still have Bill Morgan for partner

Week ending April 18, 1903 on Stern templet for Sam Brown and working out forward body frame.

April 25, 1903 finished templets, frameing in worked out new Stern  May 2, 1903 finished stern and dead woods

On Jury duty in criminal court for three weeks, worked Saturday May 23, 1903.

Saturday June 6, 1903 hung B. rudder on Sam Brown

March 4, 1903 to June 10, 1903

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