Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

1908 to 1910

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View of Pittsburgh 1908

From Duquesne Heights 1908 another 1908 view from Duquesne Heights

Pittsburg Wharf circa 1908


Pittsburgh panorama 1908

                   Close up of Pittsburgh Panorama 1908                Close up of Pittsburgh panorama 1908 

Pittsburgh 1908 Sequi-Centennial    Close up of canoes that can be seen in previous photos.   added 4/12/18

These picture are showing an event taking place on the Wharf in 1908.  This event is the Riverboat Parade held as part of the 1908 Pittsburgh Exposition / Sequi-Centennial.


Coal Fleet on Ohio River    dated 1908

This photo, dated 1908, shows two sets of riverboats lashed together.  Lashing boats together normally only occurred as part of a River Parade.  Based upon the date of 1908, this photo was probably taken at the 1908 Pittsburgh Sequi-Centennial River Boat Parade.


Postcard Advertising the Pittsburgh Sequicentennial   1908     The date of this postcard is unknown, but it is a good photo of how the Exposition Hall could of looked during the 1908 Pittsburgh Sequi-Centennial Celebration    Pittsburgh Exposition Hall postcard dated 1908 


Another Coal Fleet Ready to Head South

Pittsburgh Harbor on the Mon


Coal Fleet Ready to go South Postcard dated 1909      Photo of the Pittsburgh Harbor from collection of Russ Morehouse   

This photo of the Pittsburgh Harbor includes the Steamers PACIFIC NO. 2, JIM WOOD, TOM DODSWORTH, ED ROBERTS, JOSH COOK, IRON AGE, and a Pump Boat.  Click on each of the names above to see a close up of that boat from this photo.

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