Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Below is one entry for each page listed. Click on the date below to see the complete journal page for that time period.

January 1910... has a list of men who are working on the Steamer Raymond Horner

February 1910...James M. Lynch's hip is broken when a load of iron falls on him.

March 1910...Steamer R.L. Aubury explodes her broilers

April 1910...Steamers James (Henry)A. Laughlin, B.F. Jones and Vesta are painted

May 1910...Steamer I.C. Woodward on the Ways for repairs all around

June 1910...Wm Hodgson and Emmet Ausburn work on Dredge Eastern

October 1910...Steamer Bertha gets new sheet iron all around

November 1,1910... names all the men in JW's gang.

November 14,1910...Steamer J. B.Finley, formerly Transporter, breaks 12 chains while being pulled out of the river. 

December 8,1910...has the Steamer John A. Wood on the bottom yard

December 16,1910...Steamer John A. Wood is towed away by Steamer Volunteer

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