Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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February 1912...Steamer Cadet gets a rudder job

March 1912...Steamer Charlotte is lengthened

April 1912...New Superintendent at Ways, Morgan, making changes

May 1912...Steamers Island Queen, I. C. Woodward, Juanita and Volunteer all at Ways together

June 1912...Steamer Mointor docked, she had been sunk by the wicketts at dam #3 on the Ohio River.  Al Ackard, Captain

July 1912...Steamer Joseph Walton had been in the boneyard across from the Ways for eight years

August 1912 shows the Steamers Iron Sides and Joseph Walton changing their name

September 1912...Steamer Robert Jenkins is made plumb level and square 

October 1912...Ed Stewart falls off the Steamer Tornado while in dock 

November 1912...Steamer J.B.Finley, one of the largest boats in three rivers, at the Ways

December 1912...Steamer J.C. Risher to get a new hull, two feet wider than old hull. JW thinks it should be wider to make her right.

1912-1913... 1912 has lighting striking Steamer Iron Sides, nine men hurt are named. In 1913 the saw mill at the Ways burns for fourth time.

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