Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

June 1915

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April 27, 1915 to August 15, 1915


Steamer Slackwater off the Ways Tuesday April 27, 1915   left Ways next day    James Nutt Captain

Steamer Raymond Horner docked Thursday April 29, 1915, Ab Gould Captain, with a hole stoved in her bottom  repaired same and some other patching   30 sheets new sheet iron - took her old down ready for a new shaft   off the Ways Tuesday May 4, 1915

Steamer J.B. Finley docked Tuesday May 4, 1915   some of the cradles were off the tracks   pulled her until the Engines stalled then four boats came - Crusader - Rover - Voyager - and J.C. Risher and helped pull her back into the River. All hands helped put the cradles on the tracks and then docked her. 4 men worked all night repairing a hole in her bottom  a log had run through her at the foot of the stem   we got her away the next day at 11 AM   at this time the cradles and tracks were in bad shape   Morgan would not repair them   he said the cradles did not need guide blocks on them and everything that was docked they were off the tracks and the men would work all day in the mud and wet and sometimes all night getting them on. Morgan told the calkers if they could not work in the mud they could quit.

Work all done at the Ways Thursday May 13, 1915

Went to work at Dravosburg Wednesday July 7, 1915 for W.C. McCune   working on Steamer T.P. Roberts then on a new mud scow the rest of the time on a Clam Shell Digger

Back at the Ways August 7, 1915

April 27, 1915 to August 15, 1915

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