Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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January 2, 1919...Bell wires are repaired on Steamer Transit

January 16, 1919...Steamer Iron City has general repairs

February 4, 1919...Tiller is moved aft 4" on Steamer Voyager

February 26, 1919... 50 ton Dredge Kanawha on the docks

March 1919...Capt. Cook and Pilot Adams on Steamer M.D.Wayman

April 14, 1919...New Ferry Flat built for Allenport, PA

April 26, 1919...Dave Copper hurt while operating Derrick Boat #22 at the Ways

June 1919...Steamer Conqueror gets new rudder and new rudder irons

July 1919 ...Steam Tug Clairton has two new wheels installed

August 1, 1919...House Boat # 204 has general repairs

August 18, 1919...Harry McGuire is Captain of the Steamer A.R.Budd

September 1919...Love Dale pump boat docks for the second time

October 1919... Steamer Conqueror has steering cylinders braced

November 1919...Steamer Jim Brown has its deck caulked

December 1919...Steamers Voyager and Risher have their broilers "boarded up"

1917-1920...November 1918, War is declared off, people knocked off work  ... 1920 has the Steamer Sailor sinking in Lock #3

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