Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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January 6, 1920...Steamer Braddock has hole in left side repaired

January 13, 1920...Worked overtime on Steamer Robert Jenkins

February 6, 1920...Steamer Fallie has extensive wheel job, including 32 wheel arms and 10 buckets.

February 18, 1920...Whistle valve on Steamer Voyager repaired

March 1920...Steamers Beacon, J.C.Risher and Tug Mike Daughtery get new coal boxes

April 1920...Steamer Conqueror has pilot house chair repaired

May 1920...Steamer Enterprise is on the top yard

June 1920...JW is named Superintendent of Wood Work

June 5, 1920...Steamer Luke McLuke has chain braces cut and adjusted

June 24, 1920...Sheet asbestos is used as insulation around steam pipes

June 26,1920...Steamer Ranger docks for a new hull

July 2, 1920...Strike at the Ways, carpenters demand $1.00 per hour

July 20, 1920...Steamers Jenkins, Beacon, Jim Brown, Voyager, Conqueror, J.C.Risher, Transit, and Pump Boat #26 all mentioned

August 1, 1920...$20,000 worth of repairs to Steamer Robert Jenkins

August 23, 1920...Steamer Transit gets boilers off Steamer T. J. Wood

September 7, 1920...Steamer Transit is rotten and not seaworthy

October 1920... U.S. Inspectors order Steamer Transit in for repairs

November 1, 1920...60 arms on Steamer General are repaired

November 18, 1920...Steamer Rover is condemned by Inspectors

December 1920...Chas. Campbell and Mike Netherland buy Steamer Valiant from Pittsburgh Coal

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