Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

April  1921

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April 1921 

Steamer Jos Nixon / Valiant / Transporter


Steamer Valiant Docked Friday November 19, 1920   this was a new Hull and all above it almost new and was my bigest Job of Draughting  (drafting). I just had to put this over   after I had her floor plan laid down I had three of the best men on any of the rivers look it over and they pronounced it A #1 every way. they were Wm. Sesher   J.M. Hammitt and Thos. Dunbar.

Ward Wiegel was my foreman and My Boy Wm. Lined her. John Duke - Fred Wunderlick and Link Pancost took up and made the templets Wm. Jackson sawed her out. she was a fine Boat well built and trim in the Water. we had a Large crowd the day we put her in the River  April 9, 1921    The John Eichlay Company were interested in her and were represented by Walter Eichlay - Chas Cambell (Campbell) the Owner was there. with some visitors among them Captain Hiram Carpenter of St. Marys, West Va    she was named Transporter and towed away via Steamer Hecla at 8:50 fast time AM April 25, 1921    she was formerly the Jos. Nixon. Joseph Walton Company bought her and named her Valiant

size of Old Hull - Tons 307  Length 163'5"  Width 26'8"  Depth 5ft 0"   Built 1877

size of new Hull Built at Marine Ways Elizabeth Pa. Width 34'2"   Depth 5'4"  Length on Deck 165 ft   Length over all 191ft 2in

Official number 75975  tons 256

She is now owned 1926 by the Wheeling Steel Corporation

April 1921  Steamer Jos Nixon / Valiant / Transporter

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