Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

October  1925

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April 16, 1925 to October 3, 1925


Cyclone Digger    April 16, 1925    repaired Roof - Deck - cabin stanchion - corner strips repaired

shut down all summer

June 13, 1925    Tug Mike Dougherty    new furnance - new short grate bars - coal box sheeted and on top #12 iron - Plank shear repaired - Machinery repaired

August 17, 1925    building three 4 x 10 tables and six benches for Banning Mine #2

August 28, 1925    Steamer Cruiser in at Ways    Left Scraper & Section Docks & one work flat     Moved House Boat and Cyclone Digger to Landing at Dravosburg ( Risher Landing)

September 9th to 12th, 1925    unloading chains and wire lines off Bulldozer and Lumber out of Flat 1164    these all came from Dock 6

September 9th 10th, 1925    building three 4 x 10 tables and six benches for Banning Mine

Docked & repaired a Bulldozer and Docked a Scraper for general repairs

this was the last work I done at the Ways     
Saturday October 3, 1925 was my last day

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April 16, 1925 to October 3, 1925

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The Deaths of People I have known well or have been around and with through my life follows at intervals in this Diary *



* The entry above was written by JW on the March 1925 page, I feel it is more appropriate on this page as it tells the reader that JW does continue his journal. JW records his daily activities including naming numerous citizens of Elizabeth, PA. Listing these names on this web site will be an activity I will be doing as I continue to type my Great Grandfathers journals.  Use the Search function on the Home Page or Name Directory page to see if your ancestor is named and check back often as I expect to add names on a frequent basis during the years it will take me to complete typing the journals. During this time, I will also add any entries that relate to river activities.  

This web page has been an educational experience for me and if you have found any enjoyment in the content, I am happy!      2/13/02



It is now February 7, 2015, thirteen years since I wrote the above.  I completed typing all of the important entries from JW's journals and entered all river related entries onto the web site years ago.  My primary additions to the web site since then has been adding photographs relating to Riverboats, Small Towns along the rivers and of Elizabeth, PA.  Of greatest satisfaction to me has been the finding of the model of the Steamer SPRAGUE that JW helped build and then following it from Elizabeth, PA to Pittsburgh and then to its present home in Dubuque, IA.  I do not know how many more relevant photos or information I will find but hope to continue to add to the web site for a long time.  I will once again write that I have found enjoyment in working on this web site.

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