Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

After Retirement

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The entries on this page were made by J.W. Lynch in his personal journals after his retirement from the Elizabeth Marine Ways.  These entries relate to river activities, men who worked on the rivers, or boats.

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August 4, 1926... JW does some consulting work for Standard Oil

January 8, 1927...Packet Kate Adams burns

February 5, 1927... JW inspects Steamer City of Pittsburgh

March 10, 1927... Steamer J. H. Hillman makes maiden trip

May 6, 1927... Steamer Monongahela goes up river

May 23, 1929... Steamer Jim Brown being wrecked

Summer 1929... JW lists some boats that passed under Elizabeth Bridge

Late 1929 - Early 1930...A year later Steamer Jim Brown is burnt

September 14, 1933...Death of long time Riverman Reno Baum

March 4, 1934...  the River is bank full of heavy ice

Fall 1935... JW Remembers his Boat Building Days

Winter 1936/37...Steamer R.J. Heslop burns

Winter 1937/38...JW visits some boats under construction

March 27, 1939...Old buildings at the Ways are being Wrecked

1940s ... JW's Final River Related Journal Entries

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