Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Boneyard Across the River

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 After boats had outlived their usefulness, they met various fates; the journal documents many boats being burned to the water line or dynamited. Other boats were towed to locations along the river and left to decay. These locations were called "Boneyards."  One boneyard was across the river from the Elizabeth Marine Ways, and in this boneyard from about 1918 until March 1925, in addition to various boats,barges and other equipment, were the Steamers BOAZ, TOM DODSWORTH, and RAYMOND HORNER. The pictures below are from this time period.  Read about the day these boats were towed away by clicking here, March 1925


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The "boneyard" across the river from Elizabeth Marine Ways

Steamers BOAZ and TOM DODSWORTH in the boneyard across from Elizabeth Marine Ways


Steamers BOAZ and RAYMOND HORNER in the boneyard across from Elizabeth Marine Ways

Steamer TOM DODSWORTH in the boneyard, Elizabeth Marine Ways sign is visible between the boats


Steamer RAYMOND HORNER in boneyard  EMW

Steamer RAYMOND HORNER in boneyard, barge and TOM DODSWORTH behind  EMW

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