Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Brownsville Bridges

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Brownsville Bridges


Brownsville Wooden Bridge   Built 1833

Color Version of Brownsville Wooden Bridge

The Steamer CYCLONE was built during 1892 at the Axton Yard located in Brownsville, PA.  This photo is dated 1892 and the CYCLONE looks like a new boat.  David Gratz, a member of the Brownsville Historical Society, confirmed that this photo shows Brownsville and he wrote, " It appears the picture is viewing down stream. Brownsville wharf in background under the two eastern spans. Mouth of Dunlap Creek under first span. Herbertson foundry just off the end of the bridge. The hill in the background, I believe, is Albany Hill."


Brownsville Covered Bridge 1906

Men cutting ice under the Brownsville Covered Bridge

Ice flows under the Brownsville Covered Bridge, postcard dated 1906 


Brownsville Covered Bridge   Postcard was mailed in 1910

 Monongahela River is running "Full" under the Brownsville Covered Bridge  1888

This is the front of the previous postcard photo. Of note is the brief history of the Brownsville Covered Bridge. Note card was mailed in 1911


Another High Water Going Under the Brownsville Covered Bridge

Brownsville Covered Bridge as Viewed From Town  Close Up View from Town

Brownsville Covered Bridge entrance / Exit on East End   Postcard Dated 1911


After covered bridge was torn down the replacement bridge was built.  This photo shows construction in progress.

added 4/3/16

Brownsville Bridge

The bridge from the opposite shore, also showing the "Iron Bridge" which can also be seen in the first photo



Brownsville Bridge


Brownsville Bridge

Brownsville Bridge



Postcard photo of first Brownsville RR Bridge from collection of Ray Christner   Steamer FALLIE having just passed under the first Brownsville Railroad Bridge.  From collection of William Fels.  Second Brownsville RR Bridge from collection of Ray Christner

The photo on the left shows the railroad bridge that was built in 1887.  This photo apparently was taken before the railroad tracks were installed as the track bed leading up to the bridge is not completed.
The center photo was taken between the years 1894 and 1900, to learn more follow the link to
Steamer FALLIE.
The photo on the right is of the railroad bridge that opened in 1912.

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