Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Brush Script Font

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If you would like to add the Brush Script Font to your computer follow these steps.  These directions are for Windows 95/98/ME.    Note:  These directions are old and could be very outdated.  Newer versions of Windows and also Mac's may or may not follow similar steps.

1) To begin click on this link  Brush Script MT Font

2) This screen or one similar to it will be displayed 

You will click on the "Save" button.  This same function may be called "Save to Disk" depending on the choices that appear on your computer.

3) You will then be asked to select the destination for the file.  You will want the file to be saved to C:\Windows\Fonts   To do this select C:, then select Windows, then select Fonts.  The exact method of choosing this destination may vary from computer to computer but ultimately you will need to choose C:\Windows\Fonts.

4) Click OK

5) The file is now transferred to your computer into the location you selected.

6) Go back to this sites Home Page and hit Refresh, you might now see the Page using Brush Script Font.  If you do not see Brush Script Font at this time you will need to restart your computer before the new font is loaded.

7)  This font is similar to handwriting and will therefore seem difficult to read, as many peoples handwriting is at first, until you are use to it.  Try it for awhile.  I use this font to maintain the theme of my page, a handwritten journal.

8)  To delete this font from your computer follow this procedure.

a) Open Windows Explorer

b) Open C:\Windows\Fonts

c) Find Brush Script MT and highlight it, hit your computers delete button.   

d) You will now view the web page with the default font of your computer.