Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Bulldozer Barge

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Bulldozer 4   Photo from collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart   Bulldozers 6 and 9 also Hoist 4  June 1917  Photo from collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart

Bulldozer 6 at Risher Landing  Photo from collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart   Bulldozer 16  Photo from collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart

Close up shot of a Bulldozer Barge  Photo from collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart

R.T. Wiley in his book "Monongahela The River And It's Region" wrote that the primary use of these barges was as an icebreaker.  These barges were strongly built and reinforced with metal sheeting and steel bars, they were then loaded with stone and pushed through the ice crushing the ice and thus clearing a path.  These photos show not only the strong appearance but that another use of these barges was to haul items.

JW in his journal wrote that on February 3, 1908 a bulldozer was being towed through a river full of ice.  He also wrote on various dates that the bulldozers were being used to haul equipment, building supplies, boat parts, and coal. Several of these dates are May 21, 1904 and March 9, 1910.  There are various other entries about the Bulldozers in the journals that can be found by using the search function on the Home Page.

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