Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Early Years 2

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July 1926 entry continues. 


then worked in Walton's Barge Yard for Jas. Cambell, contractor... in 1882 worked in Horner and Roberts Barge yard, for a short time.  Frank Young and Tom McCune were building a few by contract. Reno Baum worked partners with me. Henry Lambert and Chas Taylor were sawyers at the H&R saw mill... at the Walton barge yard Geo Wright was Foreman. Jim McKee was Supt. over the Walton plant and Jim Reed at Horner & Roberts... then I worked for something like 5 years at the two places.  One winter I worked at the Church and Swain siding yard at Hazelwood and part of one Spring at 34 St, South side in a barge and siding yard run by John Gray.  In the fall of 1889 went to work for Oneil & co at the lower end of West Elizabeth, they had a single dock... later a new set making four in all.  there was a number of the McKee Boys at Waltons  Jim - Tom - Bill - George - Andy and Bert... all dead but Andy and Bert. At Horner and Roberts the Reeds were Jim - Barney and Van, all now dead.  At Oneils, Bill McCune was Supt., the old Calkers that worked there are all gone I was foreman for. Mac Tom Jones was Riverman.  The Walton boats were Gipsy afterwards I. N. Bunton then I. N. #2  the Nelly Walton now the Rival.  the Jos. Walton was there big boat then they bought the Jos. Nixon changed her to the Valiant, she is now the Transporter... they also had a small boat, the Alex Foster... The Maggie bought from the Fawcetts, afterwards the Maggie was the Rover and now the Cruiser.  In 1895 and 96 Wiegel Bros. and Co. built the Elizabeth Marine Ways. I went to work there on June 22, 1898... these Ways were taken over in 1900 and 1901 by the Monongahela River Consolidated Coal and Coke Co., now the Pittsburgh Coal Co. ... What follows is a chronicle of work done at these and other place.

Early Years 2

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