Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

January 1917

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January 10, 1917 to May 14, 1917


The Steamer Crucible will have new hull   except a little straight bottom

Steamer Frank Fowler of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company docked Wednesday January 10, 1916 (7)

I done the last work under the Boozing tough Supt. Morgan on the Steamer Crucible   I left the Marine Ways Saturday January 13, 1916 (7)  The last day I was treated shabbily by Morgan I had a little money comeing to me - Clare Graham clerk refused to give it to me and Morgan held him up in it    Grahme is dead, may he rest in peace and I have never seen Morgan to speak to him to this day (August 22, 1926) about this little bit of money  when the time came My wife went down to the Ways Office got my time statement sent it to Parkersburg West Va to me. I mailed it back to her after signing it and then she got the money.

I went to work for Rodgers Sand Company Monday January 15, 1917     went to Parkersburg, West Va to Supt. Building a new hull Under the Steamer Rival.  Parkersburg Dock Company doing the work   John McConnel was Supt. and part owner of these docks   he was somewhat of a Boozer  had several brothers working for him  they treated me fine   Captain Ben Pape was part owner I liked him   he was a Gentleman    for awhile I roomed at the YMCA   they made so much noise at night with Basketball and Bowling I could not sleep   I then roomed in a house on Ann Street   I took all my meals on the Steamer Rival    Charles Sloan was Captain and Martha_____ was cook   Roy Rose engineer

January 10, 1917 to May 14, 1917

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