Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

June 1913

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May 17, 1913 to June 13, 1913


The Steamers W.W. O’Neil and Henry Lourie are in the Boneyard across from the Ways with the Machinery off them  they are to be wrecked and coal barges made out of their Hulls Saturday May 17, 1913

Morgan is puting a coffer Dam around Cradles 8 & 10  stoped with River rising Friday May 23, 1913  Cyclone digger doing the work - John (Morter or Muter or Mutir or Mortir) Engineer

Steamer Tide in for repairs to Boiler deck nosing and upper deck - capston job - one cavel and other minor repairs  left Monday May 26, 1913

Steamer Charles Brown off the Ways Saturday May 24, 1913  new sides - new guards - new heads - new bed timbers - new side relief braces up through the roof - 2 Captson Jobs - almost all new deck - new aft Bulkhead. Like repairs all around   fiting her out with the Steel Cylinder timbers off the Steamer Iron Age and the Doctors off the Steamer Henry Lourie  new double knees on her head  new ash wells    this Boat been afire at her landing and almost burnt up   the Pittsburgh Fire Dept saved her from a total loss  Chas. Head is Engineer - Fred Dippold Captain   the Brown was taken to the Walton yard Friday June 6, 1913 by the Tug Aid - her engines hauled off and the Engines of the Iron Age put on her

Steamer Exporter towed from the Ways Friday June 6, 1913 via Little Fred

May 17, 1913 to June 13, 1913

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