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JW's Parents Bible Records

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This page can be considered as an addendum to J.W. Lynch's Journal.  On March 27, 1926 JW copied the Genealogical Family History of his mother and father, David B. Lynch and Rebecca Hurry Lynch, that were a part of that families Bible. This information is a listing of many of their ancestors and others birth and death dates. These two pages, front and back, were not copied by JW as a part of the journals but were copied on two separate larger sheets of paper and kept folded with the journals. Their are various entries that I believe were added by JW either as he copied the information or at a later time, this will be up to the reader to determine if they are in agreement with me and what these entries would be. In my opinion these entries can make the information appear to be out of order and even difficult to follow.

An additional page is an alphabetical listing of surnames with information from various parts of these pages combined.

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This old Bible recovered after 45 years from son-in-law of Gilbert and Harriet Wright:  returned to us by Sue Wright March 26, 1926

Records taken from the Old Family Bible of David B. Lynch and Rebecca V. Hurry Lynch  Copyed by J. Will Lynch March 27 1926


D. B. Lynch and Mary Brown married Monday May 20 1833  the Browns lived on a farm 4 miles back of Fayette City then Cookstown  She is buried at Morgantown Va

D.B. Lynch and Margaret Ann Richardson married Tuesday August 3 1847

(No record if the Home of )    Richardsons   ( JWL initialed and wrote - - at Louisville KY)

She is buried at Louisville KY

D. B. Lynch and Rebecca V. Hurry Married May 22 1850  Wednesday

the following notice taken from Uniontown Paper

“Married at the National Hotel Uniontown Pa on the 22nd just?? By the Rev. N. Gillispey.  Capt. David B. Lynch of Louisville, Ky. and Rebecca Hurry of Morgantown, Va”   (JWL initialized and wrote - - this was my mother)

The following child(ren) to the first wife     Alonzo Lynch born Thursday Oct 19th 1836    Wm. F. Lynch Born Nov 7-1841.  to the first wife

The Following children to the third wife and our mother

Franklin Gay Lynch Born Jan 6th 1852 at 1 ½ Oclock PM Tuesday

Margaret Elizy Lynch   Aug 12 1853 -   12 Oclock night Thursday

Harriet Maxfield Lynch  Born  Feb 17th 1856  Sunday morning  6 Oclock

John Willam Lynch  Born  April 19th 1862  Saturday Morning 5 Oclock

At D(avid)sons Ferry  above Rices Landing Green Co. Pa

Samuel Sears Lynch Born Nov 23rd 1864  Wednesday morning 9 Oclock

Father David Black Lynch born Oct 9-1811  Wednesday

Mother Rebecca Virginia Hurry Born Sep 16 1820  Saturday


Married Feb 5th 1872 John L. Stephens and Maggie E Lynch by Rev Cramer

The following were their children.  Walter Collins Stephens Born July 9th 1873

Mary N. Stephens born Sep 9th 1875  Homer Stephens Born Christmas Day 1880

Annie Stephens Born March 1883  Valera Stephens born Mar 1891


Married Nov 11th 1878 Gilbert L. Wright and Harriet M. Lynch

The following were their children   Thorton Hurry Wright Born Dec 3rd 1879

Edna C. Wright Born May 22-1882  Bessie Lea Wright Born Dec 6-1884

Emily C. Wright Born Sep 3-1889   (All Died except Edna)


Married Frank G. Lynch and Tresa Claffy  Dec 19th 1878  the children were

Louis and Harriet   two children died Babies  Louis  Mar 28-1879   Harriet March 2-1883 * see below

Fathers people – Sons and Daughters of Wm and Sarah Lynch

Williamina Lynch Born Aug 4th 1808   Ann E. Lynch born April 5th 1817

J.W. Lynch born April 1st 1814 – H. W. Lynch Born March 2 – 1821

Mothers ---Father and Mother were James and Margaret Hurry of Morgantown,Va

Mothers Brothers   Capt Frank Hurry died July 12th 1893  Age 75

    “             “           Thorton Hurry  Died Nov 1st – 1888

Her Mother  ----   Margaret Hurry Died Oct 16th – 1879   Age 83  


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* (Harriet lived until 1960 so this entry could refer to two unknown children who died as babies and Louis and Harriett were two surviving babies with birth dates given)  




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Fathers People   and First wifes 

Born  Wm D. Richardson  Dec 3rd 1787 – Mary Richardson  Nov 18th 1797

   “      Margaret A. Richardson  Oct 7th 1817  Martha Jane Richardson May 18th 1820

   “      Mary Eliza Richardson  June 12th-1822  Wm Thomas Richardson Dec 19th 1824

    “     Henryetta J. D. Richardson Jan 1st 1827 – Geo. Washington Richardson April 29th 1829

    “     Caroline L. Richardson Mar 1st 1831  Sarah C. Richardson  July 29th 1833

   “      Maltida Richardson  Feb 7th 1836 – Mariah V. Richardson  Nov 22nd 1838

    “     Nancy Richardson  Nov 23rd 1840 – Benjamin Franklin Richardson  April 27th 1844

                                    The Richarson’s are from Louisville  Ky

            Margaret Richardson Died Aug 11th 1843  Age 73 yrs

            Caroline Richardson Died June 19th 1832

            Nancy Richardson Died   Dec 27th 1841

            Benjamin F. Richardson  Died  May 22nd 1845

            Henrietta Richardson  June 23 – 1846


            Martha J Hays  Died May 23rd 1847

            Rachel E. Swormsteld Died July 6 - 1877


From old newspaper clippings

Married on the 5th of July 1862 at the Parsonage by Dr. Ferguson

Mr. James Cloats of Pittsburgh and Miss Nancy    Daughter of

Edward Hatfield of Brownsville Pa


Died on the 28th of June 1862 at his residence in Franklin Twp

Mr Edmund Freeman of Palsy Age 72 yrs


Died at Perryopolis June 29-1862 of consumption

Issac Martin Age about 40 yrs


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Copyed by J.W Lynch  March 27 1926

Records from the Old Family Bible of D. B. and Rebecca Hurry Lynch


Margaret Ann Richardson consort of David B. Lynch

Died June 27th 1849  Age 31 years   buried at Louisville, KY


            Wm Lynch Died Nov 6th 1833  Age 57 Yrs.        Grandfather

             Wm F. Lynch Died July 7th 1842   Age 9 months

             Sarah Lynch consort of Wm Lynch Died May 31st  1826  Age 46   grandmother


Uncle -            Westley Lynch Died March 1888

                        Tamar Lynch Died May 1905   wife of Westley Lynch

                        Pheboe Lynch Died Feb 1901   Dau of Westley Lynch

                        John Davidson died 1892

                        Cornelia Davidson Died    no date JWL


            Thorton Hurry Wright Died May 10th 1897

            Bessie Lea Wright Died Nov 21st 1897


            Father David B. Lynch Died Friday Sep 28th 1877   Age 66 yrs

            Mother Rebecca V. Lynch Died Thursday March 17th 1887  Age 66 yrs


            Father Belonged to the I.O.O.F.  was a P.G. of

            Lorian Lodge No 4 of Louisville, Ky.



Belonged to F. and A. M. and Chapter     Morgantown Va

Union Lodge # 93       Nelson Chapter # 35   Morgantown Va


Mrs Margaret H. Shields Died in Pruntytown  Taylor Co. Va

Jan 2nd 1852  her maiden name was Hurry  she was Mothers sister    JWL


The following is in Mothers hand writing

I want this Family Bible for my youngest son

Samuel S. Lynch if he is living when I die – signed  Rebecca Lynch

Cap as we call him is living   has been away from here for 41 years

Now lives at 1802 – 19th Ave  Washington State


Bertha McKown born December 12th 1863  Saturday

John Elliott McKown born December 24th 1866  Monday

Robert Boyd Mckown Born March 25th 1871  Saturday


Children of J. W. and Bertha McKown Lynch   Married Sep 15th 1884



Bernice M.      Dec 13th 1885              4 oclock AM  Sunday

Percy C.          Feb 13    1888             Monday

Hilda B.          Sep 20    1890             Saturday

William M.      July 20    1893             Thurday

James M.         January 17  1896         Friday

Bertha             August 30 1898          Tuesday                      

Jack                 July 26       1901          Friday 

Helen L           February 2  1906         Friday


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Died Tues. August 12th 1930  Margaret Stephens Age 77 yrs in Waynesburg Hospital

She died on her Birthday  Funeral Thurs 14th at 5 PM  buried in Oakmont Cemetery Waynesburg


Walter Collins Stephens Age 57  Son of Margaret and John Stephens Died at Midnight

Wed Dec 31st 1930  buried at 2:30 PM Sunday Jan 4th  1931 at Waynesburg


Harriet Maxfield Lynch  Wife of Gilbert L. Wright died Monday April 26-1909 at 8:19 PM


Mrs. Ann Boyd McKown Died Thursday June 27- 1912 at 1:20 PM

Died Tuesday morning November 14th 1933  Frank G. Lynch  Age 81 yrs



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