Steamboat Building   in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Steamer Monitor going under Smithfield Street Bridge with PL&E Railroad Yard in Background      Close Up View of Previous Photo

The Steamer MONITOR is mentioned several times in the journal with the first mention being June 26, 1907 when the boat docks for repairs. Twice the MONITOR came to the Ways after being sunk,  June 4, 1912 and December 3, 1917.



 Steamer MONITOR    1908

The photo above shows the Steamer MONITOR during the Riverboat Parade of the 1908 Pittsburgh Sequi-Centennial celebration.



MONITOR article  

The article above, from The Waterways Journal, describes the sinking of the MONITOR in October 1917. which JW refers to in his December 3, 1917 entry.



The MONITOR sank on February 14, 1925 above Lock 3 on the Monongahela.  The pictures below were from the collection of "Pap" Vohner ( spelling may not be correct) who was a crew member on the MONITOR when this accident occurred. Pap V. wrote on the back of each photo a short description of the activities shown. This collection of photos was purchased by Carol Fuller at a second hand store in 1993.

Article from Pittsburgh Press dated Feb 15, 1925


Photo 1    Back of Photo 1   Photo 2   Back of Photo 2

Photo 3   Back of Photo 3   Photo 4   Back of Photo 4

Photo 5   Back of Photo 5                This photo is not from the same collection but shows the wreck of the MONITOR after partial dismantling


Original note written by Pap V. in 1965   Typed version of Pap V. note   Spitton that Pap V. indicates is original to Steamer MONITOR


Article from S&D Reflector September 1977   A follow up letter to S&D Reflector dated December 1977


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