Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 1898

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March 1898 to May 1898 


March 17, 1898 - head of Steamer (H.C.) Raymond Horner raised on single dock to repair chain fastening bolts, this boat was then owned by Captain Ed Robison.

March 16, 1898 - A trip to Roscoe to examine coal boat at Snow Hill Mine.

March 19, 1898 - light buckets on Steamer Little Dick.

March 26th 1898 - filed saws all day for O'Neil's men.

April 26th 1898 - worked in mill on coal boxes, wheel barrows, and wheel keys for Steamer Delta.

April 27, 1898 - boxed wheel arms for Steamer Delta.

April 28th 1898 - started building new pump boat for lower landing, W. W. ONeils.

April 29, 1898 - mill work on lumber for new pump boat.

April 30, 1898 - launched new pump boat.

Finished new pump boat May 4, 1898, pumped her out on the docks for leak, turned out to be spike rents 1

May 7, 1898 - mill work lumber for lower landing, splash boards for Steamer Little Fred - 2 x 4s for John Lewis and tiller for Little Dick.

Sunday May 8th 1898 worked on Steamer Elizabeth putting down plank shear and piece of rubber strake on S. bulkhead, with Henry Lambert.


holes in the planking from the spikes being driven down

March 1898 to May 1898

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