Steamboat Building   in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Steamer J. B. FINLEY       J. B. FINLEY photo from Way's Steam Towboat Directory   

The J.B. FINLEY was first mentioned on March 26, 1906.  She was also in the yard on November 14, 1910, November 1912, and June 1915.

J. B. FINLEY photo from collection of William Fels   

This photo shows the Steamer J. B. FINLEY in the "navigation channel" around Sand Island, near Louisville , KY.  The "Falls of the Ohio" are on the other side of Sand Island and boats could only pass the island on that side when the river had risen enough to cover the falls. The FINLEY is not moving because she is waiting her turn to get into old Lock #41 which would be to the right if it were in the picture. The river between Sand Island and the KY. shore appears to be very narrow and that is because it was. Boats entering and leaving Lock #41 in that area had to take alternate turns as the river was not wide enough for them to pass each other with tows.  This stretch of the river is now wider and old Lock #41 is gone, having been replaced by the newer, larger McAlpine Locks. *

* A thank-you to Gary Imwalle for the identification of, and information on, the location this photo was taken.

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