Steamboat Building   in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Monongahela Views


Monongahela City with Catsburg Coal Tipple visible across from City

Catsburg Coal Tipple 1907

Catsburg Tipple across the river from Monongahela


Mongah Mine Postcard dated 1907

Black Diamond coal mine / tipple was located between Monongahlea and Donora

Postcard dated 1912



From collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart    From collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart    From collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart

From collection of Capt. Robert Eberhart     

The top three photos above are dated January 1916, the lower photo is dated June 1917.  The photos show the Monongahela River Coal ( Combine) docks, Marine Ways, and Coal Mine Tipple located at Monongahela and across the river at West Monongahela. The coal mine tipple shown is written on two photos as the Mongah Tipple.


The photo below is a panoramic view looking down river from the Sunnyside/Alexton side of the river, the date of this photo is unknown.  To give a larger view of the scene I have also divided the photo into two images, thus three photos.

From collection of Robert Eberhart  From collection of Robert Eberhart  From collection of Robert Eberhart 


Monongahela Train Station with Monongahela River in Background

This postcard view of the Monongahela train station must be after a renovation. This photo taken from the Monongahela bridge, below is a photo looking up at bridge from train station.

Original photo that following postcard used    Monongahela River Dock No 12   Postcard  dated 1910


Postcard dated 1910

Monongahela at Night  1912

Monongahela Postcard dated 1910 


Monongahela Axle Works with unrealistic boat and barge in foreground.  Postcard is dated during 1930s.  Night view of previous

Home of the Monongahlea Riverbuffs during late 20th and early 21st century

Based upon railroad tracks and hills in background I assume this plant was along the river


Monongahela Bridges


     Article about  Monongahlea Covered Bridge with photos is from the collection of William Fels      Close up of OELLA photo from article   

This article about the Monongahela Covered Bridge is dated approximately 1940.  The photos included in the article show the Packet Boat OELLA with the Williamsport Covered Bridge behind the boat.  The second photo on the page shows one of the entrances to the covered bridge. These photos are probably dated 1877 as this is the year the Packet Boat OELLA ran the Monongahela - Brownsville trade.


Monongahela Bridge built as replacement of original Williamsport Covered Bridge. Built during 1880s and used into 1911.

This postcard view of an entrance to the Monongahela Bridge is dated 1906 meaning it is the bridge built during the 1880s.

Postcard dated 1906




Construction of "New" bridge at Monongahela dated 1908  Close up of bridge building activities dated 1908          

Construction of new bridge 1908



 From collection of Monongahela Historical Society added 12/8/17

Dedication of new bridge  1909


This 1910 photograph shows the "new" bridge and in the background is the "old" bridge, as shown in previous photograph. This "new" bridge was replaced in 1988.

The signifiances of this train station photo is that it shows the "new" bridge and the "old" bridge in the background.  The photo can be dated as probably late 1909 or early 1910, winter snow on ground. 



A close up view of the new 1910 Monongahela Bridge.

Similar view as previous picture but with staircase added

Monongahela Bridge  1913

This postcard, dated 1913, shows the Monongahela Bridge as viewed  from the train station.

 This postcard, dated 1916, shows the bridge from the town

Monongahela Bridge built in early 1900s and replaced in 1988. This photo taken during 1930s.


Monongahela Bridge during  1940s.

Monongahela Bridge  Postcard dated 1944

Date of this photo of the Monongahela Bridge is unknown

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