Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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 The pages I have listed in this section are not in the journal in the normal chronological order. My impression is that they were written at a later date, perhaps after JW retired. 

Below is a brief description for each page listed. Click on the title below to see that complete journal page.

"1900 - 1908"  A model of the Steamer Sprague is built for the 1908 Pittsburgh Exposition.

"1904 - 1919" "First flying machine I saw"

"1912 - 1913" Steamer Ironsides is hit by lighting while in the yards, many men are hurt.

"1913 - 1915" Fallen Timber Run is the location for the burning of many old boats.

"1915 - 1916"  On February 2, 1916 the Steamers Sam Brown, Lorena, and Ohio explode and burn, in different location in West Virginia.

"1917 - 1920"  Steamer Sailor sinks inside Lock #3, three men die.

"1920 - 1925"  Steamers Tom Dodsworth, Raymond Horner, and Boaz are towed away, they are "old friends" to JW.


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