Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

October 1904

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October 1, 1904 to December 28, 1904


John Wiegel JR   Supt. of Marine Ways  Saturday June 10, 1905

Saturday  October 1, 1904  on Wash Gray stern post   week ending Saturday October 8, 1904 puting casing for rudder post  Wash Gray

October 14, 1904  Friday on Wash Gray finishing up various jobs

Saturday October 15, 1904  filling capston for Steamer Defender and working out gang plank and fenders for Steamer Sam Brown     rubber strakes and iron on Tug Wash Gray.  building stage and taking down old wheel off Steamer Carbon   George J. Wiegel killed by high tension wire at the River Bridge            25 (th)

resumed work on Steamer Carbon wheel Saturday October 29, 1904

week ending November 5, 1904  William Wiegel Supt. asked me to be Foreman and I am repairing broken bottom on Steamer Enterprise  a large hole 20 x 60  she had been sunk   finished Enterprise put her in the River Wednesday.  now finishing up Wash Gray.  the Wash Gray was George Wiegel's last job.  we put her in the River November 14, 1904 and she was taken away by the Steamer I. N. Bunton

now seting up Mud Scows for Louisville and Portland Canal U. S.   Saturday November 19, 1904 have 3 set up and are on the fourth

Laid off for Thanksgiving November 24, 1904  snow on the following Saturday Eve.

Saturday December 3, 1904  Mud Scows set up and sides on Saturday 10        2 of these well on Monday December 26, 1904    all in the River

December 28, 1904   Cold and Windy all day

October 1, 1904 to December 28, 1904

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