Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

September 1906

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September 21, 1906 to February 23, 1907


Friday September 21, 1906  Steamer Tom Dodsworth   three new rudders  33 ft new Pcs on Cylinder timbers.  2 - 26 ft bulk heads new between the old ones in her hold.  2 new ash wells  she never had any ash wells.  2 after niggers and captsins  she was built in 1871 - all new Log and very extensive repairs like these all around.  ready for the River Saturday October 20, 1906  finished and left the Ways for Browns Shop  Saturday October 27, 1906

Saturday October 20, 1906  new wheel chain braces and other repairs on Steamer Stella Moren

went on Steamer H.M. Hoxie Monday October 29, 1906  she had exploded her Boilers and sunk.  we put almost a new Hull under her cabin and upper deck the same.

Rudder Job on Steamer Margaret December 27, 1906  all new Irons

December 29, 1906  Steamer Fallie Docked.  repairing hole in her bottom  she having sunk at Davis Island Dam.  repaired her all around.  finished her January 10, 1907 Friday

 Left Steamer Hoxie Friday January 25, 1907  this boat afterwards called Steamer Duquesne  she left the Ways January 31, 1907  Thursday

January 26, 1907  Docked Steamer Charles Clarke

on rudder Job on Steamer Crusader January 31, 1907

on Steamer Charles Clarke puting under entire new Hull

on Steamer Cruiser puting on Knee fillers and fenders

February 23, 1907  planking well on Steamer Chas Clarke, new Wheel  new Deck all through  Thursday March  in the River

September 21, 1906 to February 23, 1907

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