Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

August 1911

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August 15, 1911 to September 19, 1911


Steamer Tom Dodsworth on Tuesday August 15, 1911,  Al Eckler  Captain,  both forard main chain fastening broke and 3 aft boiler chain broke  anoth gang block  her up and (I had a certain number of) men on these jobs.  got her away July (??) (probably should be August) 17, 1911

Steamer Boaz in the River Saturday August 19, 1911  this is now almost a new Hull  all new guards and Head  I had 33 men on this job  mostly my old gang.  additional ones   Chas Phillips - Frank Kaych - Ide Hands - Harve Pancost - James Grimm - Sam Jones - Herb Way - C. H. Moffat - Emmet Ausburn   the Boaz was taken across the river along side of Steamer Ed Roberts to get her rigging aboard   finished her Thursday eve August 24, 1911  Frank Gould Captain

Steamer Sam Brown on the Ways Wednesday 23, 1911 for repairing

Steamer Jim Brown on Ways Thursday 24, 1911 for some repairs  finished her Tuesday August 29, 1911   Rained all day  had 10 men on her

New Orleans  a steamer to represent the first Boat built on the Monongahela River Launched from the Bge Yard Thursday August 31, 1911 at 9:25 AM   she is to take part in a Naval Parade at New Orleans   the only work I done on her was laying down new wheel and makeing templets for same   Bro ( Brother) Frank made the trip on her as Ship Carpenter

Steamer Sam Brown in the River September 19, 1911  finished Saturday September 23   this was a big job, details in my little book

Steamer Valiant on Ways Tuesday September 19, 1911,  Chas Garner  Mate,  repairing guard  rudders and sheet iron   S. Pancost  Foreman

August 15, 1911 to September 19, 1911

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