Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Walton Yard 1883

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 This page gives information on the Walton Boat Yard located in West Elizabeth.


1883  Tom McClese was Store Manager  Jas. Walton & Co. in 1885 and 1886 -   A Typhus Fever epidemic in West Elizabeth wiped out 8 or 10 men out of the Walton barge yard gang.

The July flood 1888 was all over West Elizabeth. I rowed a skiff up the street and then up the RR tracks and landed in front of Walton Co. store

You will find this on the top of page 46          The Marine saw mill partly burnt Nov 22, 1902   put out after a hard fight    Loss about $6000

Marine Ways saw mill burnt in March     Jno. Wiegel was Supt.   this was on a Sunday   I have the date but cannot find it.

Some of the men at Walton yard, Barge and Siding  1883

Robert Cambell     contractor      siding yard

James Cambell      contractor      Barge yard

Wm. Cambell done the scarfing

Geo. Kalon worked out streamer and head legs

Gib Wright, Ed Wright, Joe Wright and myself done the barge finishing

Wylie Grahm  one of the plankers

Wm. McKee - Andy McKee - done the caulking     other caulkers later were Tom McKee - Reno Baum - Agie Snyder - Geo. Wiegel - Mike Wiegel

Jim McClure and J. set check posts

Jas. Fortner hewed the gunnel strokes

Jim Snowden and Tabe Oliver built Pump boxes

Ans. Newton was Sawyer - Jim Lynch hauled logs

Geo. Mickey drove the team of Grays

Walton Boat Yard  1883 - 1885

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