Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

July 1912

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June 26, 1912 to August 3, 1912


Wednesday June 26, 1912  Steamer Iron Sides Docked for extensive repairs

Steamer Joseph Walton Docked Tuesday July 9, 1912   she had been in the bone yard across from the ways for 8 years  she is weather beaten and has dry rot  She has the Boilers off the Iron Age on her and they are now wrecking the Iron Age.  they are doing wrecking across from the Ways

Steamer Braddock of the A.S. & W. Company Docked Wednesday July 10, 1912 for general repairs - and new sheet iron   Frank Bowell  Captain

Steamer Crusader out on Ways Thursday July 11, 1912 for repairs  some of her gunnels are rotten and she was squeezed in the ice last winter

Steamer Little Fred geting well on  after being sunk  a pretty big job - ( details in my little book)  this job run into some money

High river Wednesday July 24, 1912  -  29'9"   left 2 ft of mud in places   the Steamer Braddock sat on the cradles with some of her bottom off and part of her sides open   the water was up to within 3 ft of her Boiler deck and had Captain Bowell bad scared.

Steamer Alice of Rodgers Sand C. at the Ways  Saturday August 3, 1912 with broken shaft - she will have new tops on her cylinder timbers  wheel chain braces  new wheel     working on her night and day  got her out Sunday 11, 1912

June 26, 1912 to August 3, 1912

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