Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

December 2, 1917

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December 2, 1917 to December 22, 1917


Steamer Voyager Docked December 2, 1917 for a new (hull) to be widened to 28 ft.  She was 24 ft.  this is the Hull I laid down on the floor

Steamer Monitor Docked Monday December 3, 1917   she had been sunk by the Steamer Duquesne of Carnegie Steel    Harry McGurie Cap of Monitor and Al Ackard on Duquesne    he has a 30 ft. hole in her Lar side    will be repaired and fit up with a set of Ball bearing steel rudders    Captain Posey has an interest in this boat and is here often   The Monitor belongs to the Duquesne Coal Company

December 2, 1917 laying down floor plan for Steamer Voyager new Hull

Steamer Bertha Docked December 6, 1917 for new sheet iron rudder job and general repairs

Saturday night December 8, 1917   down to zero and plenty of snow and cold wind

Steamer Fallie Docked Thursday December 20, 1917 for minor repairs

Tug Mike Doughtery Docked Friday evening December 21, 1917   loose wheel to be Keyed       Back in 22nd

Steamer Vulcan of the J & L fleet docked December 22, 1917 for a new stern band - repairs to sheet Iron Etc.   I took measurements of her Hull so as to build a Duplicate in the future.

December 2, 1917 to December 22, 1917

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