Steamboat Building   in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Photo of Steamer RESOLUTE named in 1895 is from S& D Reflector September 1966.

This Steamer was bought by the Jutte family in 1895 and given the name of RESOLUTE, she was subsequently sold to the Combine in 1903 and brought to Pittsburgh where she was put into the boneyard at Elizabeth.  JW writes that during March 1906 this boat was dismantled, meaning reusable and saleable items were removed from her.  At some time after March 1906 she was taken to Pittsburgh where she was used as a wharf boat, as shown in the photos below.  Prior to October 31, 1913 she was moved back to Elizabeth, as on this date she was intentionally destroyed by fire.

This postcard view of Pittsburgh is dated 1908.  The Wharfboat RESOLUTE is the boat on the right.    Closer view of Wharfboat RESOLUTE

These photo, dated 1912,  of the Wharfboat RESOLUTE are from the collection of Historic Pittsburgh. Close up of Wharfboat RESOLUTE Wharfboat RESOLUTE from collection of Historic Pittsburgh Close up of previous photo  


Steamer RESOLUTE built in 1914 in front of a Duquesne Power Plant     Steamer RESOLUTE built 1914

This RESOLUTE was built in 1914 and worked the rivers of Western PA from 1920 to 1927,  She is not mentioned by JW in his journal.

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