Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Steamer SAILOR built during 1900

This photo of the Steamer SAILOR built during 1900 is from S&D Reflector September 1987    Steamer SAILOR built during 1900

Photo from New Richmond Web Site   Steamer SAILOR tied up with ice on the river  

JW first worked on the Steamer SAILOR on May 10, 1904 when he repaired her rudder.  She next is at the EMW on June 13, 1907.  JW mentions this boat for the last time on October 19, 1920 when she is involved in a collision with the Steamer JIM BROWN.

SAILOR turmed over in Lock 3. Photo from collection of Monongahela River Buffs 

On January 22, 1920 this Steamer SAILOR is involved in a fatal accident in Lock 3.  The photo above is from a newspaper account of this accident, the boat shown on its side is a Derrick Boat that was also involved in the accident.  The man inset in the photo is one of the divers involved in trying to rescue men when the accident happened.


Steamer SAILOR built during 1924

Steamer Sailor built 1924   Steamer Sailor from collection of Richard Rattinni  

Steamer SAILOR at work.  Photo from collection of Historic Pittsburgh   From collection of Maryann Hamer     dated 1940  Steamer SAILOR and DONORA from collection of Richard Rattinni   

The Steamer SAILOR built in 1924 is not mentioned in JW's journals. 

To hear the actual whistle of this steamboat and others click on the link below:

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