Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Steamer Elizabeth

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Various dates including July 11, 1869 and August 1887 


One job I was on in August 1887 was putting down machinery on the Steamer Elizabeth, a packet running from here to Pittsburgh daily. I assisted Mr. James Richardson on this work. He was considered the best man in this particular kind of work that was on any of the rivers, he was an old man at this time. Captain Robert Boyd was captain and owner of the Elizabeth. John Lambert was engineer, Sam Hendrixion, pilot. Old-timers all of them of Elizabeth Pennsylvania. This boat burnt and sunk a complete loss in the Ohio River about 1890.

The Joseph Walton Company sawmill burnt down 1874.

The Marine Ways Saw Mill in the 1860s was the S. P. and I. N. Large Planning Mill, it burnt down Sunday evening July 11th 1869. My mother took me with her out on the hill where the O'Neil houses now stand and we watched from their. The Elizabeth cemetery was littered with charred boards. This mill was supposed to have been set afire by Joe Reed.           

The Steamer Defender, formerly the S. L. Wood blew up on Tuesday January 3, 1905, opposite Huntington West Virginia. Killed 10 men and wounded all the others of the crew of 38. One man only escaped injury.

July 11, 1869 and August 1887

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