Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

May 1905

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May 16, 1905 to August 31, 1905


May 1905  repairing bulkheads and side relief chains on Steamer Charles Clarke, the Steamer John F. Klein had backed into her   finished the Clarke and repairing rudders of J. C. Risher   finished Risher  put her in the River Tuesday May 16, 1905

Supt. William Wiegel died  Wednesday May 17, 1905  at 3:10 o'clock AM

Saturday May 20  put Steamer Twilight in the River and docked two coal barges.

worked on coal barges this week and some on Steamer Tide repairing her rudders  small repairs all over her

Saturday June 3, 1905  this week finished Steamer Tide and repairing Ways cradles.

Saturday June 10, 1905  on Steamer Braddock   general repairs  in the river Wednesday 15

Steamer Transit docked for a new hull,  puting up new steering gear, cylinder Etc. on Steamer Carbon and new nosing around her head.

Repairing rudders on Steamer Stella Moren  June 21, 1905  and other repairs

now on Steamer Transit,  my first new Hull as Foreman

Saturday July 1, 1905  makeing good progress on Steamer Transit  put her in the River August 14, 1905  finishing up new wheel  new Pitmans, moved her Wheel aft 8"

small Job on Steamer Rover repairing rudders and sheet iron on the Iron Sides  building new B. Rudder and repairing the others

Transit towed away by Steamer J. C. Risher  Thursday August 31, 1905

May 16, 1905 to August 31, 1905

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